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This Month:

Excruciatingly Basic Jazz Theory

Even if they are not understood completely, the building blocks of a topic are important to have in mind. For some, the building blocks are understood up to a point and then things become fuzzy. For others, the blocks themselves are an enigma. Theory is the building blocks of music.

6 Ways to Avoid Burnout

At the begining of 2020 my graphic design business was really taking off. But In March all that changed when the COVID Crisis caused the world spiraling out of control. Yet, even during lockdown, I was experiencing physical and mental burnout. How did I learn to refocus and start my journey towards healing? Read more to find out!

Dear Mr. Second Gentleman

Mr. Second Gentleman, I write this letter to explore the importance of having a strong male role model for all husbands out there that are lucky enough to be married to a woman that shatters glass ceilings.  You are perhaps as rare as the female executive.

Snow Monsters

Last month we called for our readers to submit a short and fun holiday story to be animated in this month’s issue of Mind Travelers. Our winner was Valerie Brand who submitted this sweet story about a little boy who let his imagination get away from him. Thank you to all who sent in a story. Keep reading Mind Travelers for your next chance to win at mindtravelers.org. Do you have a story you would like to see on our blog? Write us today at contribute@mindtravelers.org.

This Month's Contributors:

Elyce Ackerman-Casselberry

Woman smiling, long hair with flower behind her ear

Peggy Carey

Rob Brethouwer

Jeanette Messano

New Arrivals

Brand New Columns!

Mouse in the House! November 2020

Mind Travelers would like to introduce our newest contributor. Mouse is cute and sweet and a little bit sassy. She observes much from her hiding spot and feels that humans could use a little help. So, she learned to type and is here to answer your questions! Have a question only a mouse can answer question? Email mouse@mindtravelers.org and she will provide the perfect answer on her humorously tiny laptop.

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7 Questions 7 Minutes

Seven Questions: Seven Minutes November

Today we’re talking to Lawrence Hammett.  Lawrence is probably most well known for his tattoo art, however he is an accomplished artist in other areas as well. He also volunteered to help children with their art endeavors. Like many artists, Lawrence has had his share of troubles, and once you’re in the hot seat there’s no escaping the hard questions.

7 Questions 7 Minutes: October

Today we’re talking to author and medium Debra Anderson. Debra is also a paranormal investigator and has run the Delta Ghost Tours.

7 Questions in 7 Minutes: September 2020

Rob Brethouwer has worked as a probation officer in the Seventh Judicial District for 20 years. He grew up in Montrose, and returned here to work. Background research revealed a man immersed in arts and music, so I was curious to see how the two things meshed. 

7 Questions in 7 Minutes: August

Today we’re talking to Joshua Kinne. Many people remember Josh as the drummer from Fractalia. He’s a talented drummer with a charming way of engaging with those around him. I remember Josh as the officiant at a wedding I attended, where he impressed me in a way I hadn’t been impressed in a long time. Josh is a practicing Christian, and his Facebook profile includes a reference to him being a “serveur at Ridgway Christian Church”; while I understand that is no longer the case, it intrigued me. As a practicing Buddhist, formerly a Christian, I am always curious about others’ beliefs.

Other Interviews

Reduce Your Impact with Recycling and More

Recycling is a global issue. It’s all about your carbon footprint. Carbon footprint is tied to population growth, white supremacy and privilege. And plastic is the worst offender. The point isn’t to recycle more, it is to think more about your purchase first. Learn about what you can do to reduce your impact and help heal our home.

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In the Raw

In the Raw with Nudist-Activist Guy Purcella By Jeanette Messano WARNING: This article includes NON-sexual nude photos. The content contained in this article is for

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Sound Check


Poetry, Haikus and Blurbs

Haiku: Feather

Feather stuck in mud
Mistaken for dragonfly.
Earth! You beguile.

by Peggy Carey

Haiku: Black Birds

A cool breeze blows slight
Little black birds fly down low.
Leave my garden be!

by Net Estein

Older Stories



She’s a mouse. She sees things differently. She can type. What more do you need to know?

Leah Okeson

Leah “The Vegan” Okeson lives in Colorado and works as a social worker. She has two children, two dogs, four cats, and one long-suffering husband. She loves to eat and I love to cook – BUT she’s a vegan. What does that even mean? Vegans do not eat any animal products or byproducts. This includes fish and chicken; milk and egg; gelatin, and even cheese. What DO they eat? Lots of yummy fruits and veggies, beans and tofu, nuts, etc.


Fureyous is a writer in Western Colorado. She has a fiery, passionate personality and loves to tell us all just what is on her mind.

Woman smiling, long hair with flower behind her ear

Peggy Carey

Peggy Carey wrote for one of the first internet publications, Streetmail. Founded in 2000 by Lycos inventor, Bo Peabody, the newsy letter was designed to bring local news to the internet. She was quickly addicted to this new medium, and Peggy has written for one internet publication or another ever since, often under a pseudonym. Born and raised in New Mexico, Peggy took her country knowledge to the San Francisco Bay area for 14 years before moving to the small town of Montrose in 1980, when it was only 5000 people. She raised one daughter and a step-son, practiced law, and walked many dogs many miles. Now the operator of Solas Animal Safe Home, she spends her days with 30 rescued animals, practicing law part time as well. She is the author of many short stories, and one novel, The Rock Wren’s Song.
Jeanette Messano is a graphic designer, a writer, a business owner, a mother, and a gardener. She owns and operates JEM Graphics, a graphic design company focussed on environmentally friendly solutions to graphic design and blogging. She also founded the Mind Travelers blog.

She loves life and-of course- an interesting story