Note to Self

by Sarah Wilson

Darling: Please don’t worry that you are so sad… Remember the last time you felt this low? You could barely even function because of the pain, and you nearly abandoned it all. You are so much stronger this time, so much more You. Those tears you cry aren’t a sign of weakness; each and every one stand for some hope, a wish, a loyalty and profound Love for so many people that you’ll miss and continue to love even when they are not around. They are an outward expression that you cared more than you think anyone could ever understand. They show that you still care, even if no one ever gave you any reason to…. Each miserable tear is clearing out old, dusty, unfulfilled wishes to make way for big new dreams. You have given of yourself completely, and all this soulful sobbing is just proof of your ability to forgive, and to Love yourself enough to do things on your own terms this time around. The fact that you are this heartbroken just shows how generous your heart is, and it is one of my favorite things about You… I Love You! Please don’t ever forget that You are one of the most incredible people I know… xoxo-Me