Talk of the Town: Obituaries

With Halloween being right around the corner, we at Mind Travelers asked our readers and contributors to submit obituaries for themselves. The obituary with the most likes on our Facebook page will win a piece of original artwork by a local artist. How would you like your friends and family to remember you when you leave this mortal plane? Join the conversation and vote for your favorite entry on our Facebook Page!

Debra Anderson

Debra J Anderson, a lifelong resident of Delta died suddenly from the toxic fumes of several unclean cat litter boxes. She was 104.  She was a New York Times best-selling author with over 15 books over the last 15 years of her life.   She also was a paranormal investigator and sent numerous spirits out of the homes they were haunting and into the afterlife.
She graduated from Delta High School in 1980 despite hating to go to school, did not go to college because that would have extended the misery and the family Alma Mater is Western State Colorado University (Western State College) where it is colder than a well diggers shorts and she didn’t like below zero temperatures. She worked at many jobs as a secretary, purchasing agent, and customer service representative, quitting when she got bored and she hated them all.  
Her hobbies included collecting books about ghosts, dinner with friends, movies at the local theater, and the drive-in.  She has a vast collection of Halloween decorations and hundreds of cats which eventually caused her demise.  
She is currently haunting her former home in Delta and terrorizing the family that currently owns it.

Leah Okeson

Leah “The Vegan” Okeson passed at the age of 102.5 years and at the height of 5’ 2”. Along with a couple inches, Leah lost a bit of her hearing before departing. She loved jokes and just got louder when telling them, as she had not come up with any new material for 5 years. We know Mom, someone threw a jar of mayo at you and you said Hell man, we know.
Leah was an animal lover, leaving behind a kangaroo, two special needs groundhogs, two three-legged dogs, and a neighborhood full of stray cats waiting for their next meal. We do not look forward to the daily feline onslaught. We know Mom is laughing because she always told us this day would come to pass. We are providing loving care for all her furry and funky friends.
Leah is survived by her long-suffering husband, Troy and her two sons, Phoenix and Atreyu. Before Leah departed this spiritual plane, she made sure everyone knew she was so happy her son remarried. Bye Felicia!
Leah loved socializing and always “knew a guy” (or gal) in her numerous circles who could help. She helped countless people over the years, whether they needed help with a move, finding an affordable place or fencing stolen goods.
In lieu of gifts, Leah has requested everyone drink a Bloody Mary in her honor and/or plant an aspen tree. Leah would also like, in place of any speeches, only jokes to be told at her service. She will be interred in her favorite dress because it has pockets. She can be found on another plane of existence in space at a fabulous restaurant with great food but no atmosphere. Leah will be greatly missed.

Jeanette Messano

Jeanette Messano died peacefully with a big smile on her face on July 7 2120. We should have known something was up, since she said she was going to go get some sleep. It appears that when she said “I’ll sleep when I’m dead.” she really meant it.
She is survived by her three amazing children and 100 houseplants with faces drawn on their pots. She will be happy to join her partner, Geoff Oslund on the spirit plane- he has not yet passed but has been in an incredibly deep meditation for a while now. She has promised to communicate with us through very cryptic and spooky ways just like she did while she was alive.

Christina Bonatti

The Queen of Boobies, Christina Bonatti, has reacquired her Flight Attendant wings and used them to depart this plane (get it? Plane?) A woman of many talents, but with only one boob, (one’s more fun than none) she helped found Bosom Buddies, a fundraising organization for breast cancer patients. Having flown the friendly skies, and helped her fellow man, she had lots of things left to do on her to do list. When her dad, AKA Big Daddy, gave up the family business, she stepped in to become a rootin’ tootin’ restaurateur/ghost hunter. Owning the Outlaw Steak House in Ouray let her become host to guests animate and inanimate as she came to know the ghost who lived in the basement. She leaves her wealth of memories, form weddings to murder, to her beloved grandson. She promises to let him know if she meets the Outlaw Ghost on the other side. She hopes they’ll haunt together for eternity!

Peggy Carey

Peggy Carey disappeared while out cleaning bunny hutches on September 13, 2040. It is thought she may have gone down one of the rabbit holes in search of the pill that makes you larger. Bets are currently being taken on whether she will emerge in the spring. Peggy was well loved by creatures great and small and generally detested by judges. She wants you to remember her favorite lawyer joke. “What do you call a lawyer with an IQ of 80? Your honor”