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Christian's Room

By Debra Anderson

I am a paranormal investigator so you would think I would have had numerous spooky encounters, but not so. The one time I did get scared, even if it was only for a moment, was last year on the Delta Ghost Tours.

Two Delta shop owners and I set up a tour of the haunted spots in Delta, along with a paranormal investigation of an old hotel above the shop.  

I had set up a DVR and night vision cameras in three of original crib rooms of the hotel that the owner identified as haunted.  There were two opposing rooms at the end of the hall where we placed cameras and another room that was the worst one according to reports.  It was claimed that something evil was in the room. One of the women who worked in a sewing business at the back of the building said her dog walked against the opposite wall to avoid getting close to the room.

Our tours started in September and ran every Saturday through Halloween night. Every Saturday, we got EVP’s (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) on digital recorders and on a spirit box. We didn’t tell people what experiences they might encounter in the haunted rooms. In that front room women were being touched on their legs and men often were pushed lightly toward the door.  


One night before the tour came up to the hotel, I went into the room and started talking to the resident spirit there, with whom I had become friendly.  He had told his name (Christian) and that the room was his private room.  I entered after knocking and asking to be allowed in; then stood in the complete darkness with only the little red light on my spirit box as illumination.  I asked him if it was okay if I was in the room and if he was there would he show himself somehow.

I was expecting a spirit light (orb), but suddenly, darker than the darkness in the room, a six-foot tall dark shadow stood in front of me. I could only see him by the reflection of the faint red light off the total black of his being.  I could make out his silhouette but I could see no facial features or clothing detail, except that he did wear a derby hat.  

I gasped in shock and surprise and stepped back, my heart pounding. Without a word, I backed out of the room, then hurried to the tech room we had set up in the kitchen in an apartment in the front of the building. My boyfriend was watching the screen displaying the images from the night vision cameras. I sat down to catch my breath. I asked him if he saw anything while I was in the room but he said no.

He asked why I had left the room and told me I was kind of pale.  I told him what happened; then sat for a moment collecting my thoughts.  Soon, I went back into the room and explained to the spirit why I had left so suddenly. I had the spirit box with me and I heard “Sorry” in a man’s voice, apologizing for frightening me. 

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About the Author

Debra Anderson is a writer, a medium and a paranormal investigator and has run the Delta Ghost Tours.