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Mouse in the House! November Advice Column

By Mouse

Mind Travelers would like to introduce our newest contributor. Mouse is cute and sweet and a little bit sassy. She observes much from her hiding spot and feels that humans could use a little help. So, she learned to type and is here to answer your questions! Have a question only a mouse can answer question? Email and she will provide the perfect answer on her humorously tiny laptop. 

Dear Mouse,
My husband never wears matching socks and it makes me so mad! Who is right? Signed, an anal wife. 
Dear anal wife,
You’re both wrong. He should match his socks but it’s none of your business. Hopefully, y’all are enjoying each other with your socks off. 
Dear Mouse, 
My relative just died and left me an enormous sum of $22. What should I do? Signed, a nouveau rich cousin. 
Dear nouveau rich,
You definitely should not invest the money. Using a hammer, make a hole in the wall of your home. Toss the money in and it’ll be good until the apocalypse. Doesn’t matter if you rent or own, you’ll always know where your fortune is located. 
Dear Mouse,
My best friend just started a blog and asked me to write a column for her. Ughhh I want to be a good friend but shouldn’t she know I’m too busy for that? Signed, a busy mom with writers block
Dear busy mom,
Write your freind an artlice which is terribelly bad. That way youl look liek a good freind and she wont ask yuo agian.
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About the Author

She's a mouse. She sees things differently. She can type. What more do you need to know?

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