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Seven Questions: Seven Minutes November

Today we’re talking to Lawrence Hammett.  Lawrence is probably most well known for his tattoo art, however he is an accomplished artist in other areas as well. He also volunteered to help children with their art endeavors. Like many artists, Lawrence has had his share of troubles, and once you’re in the hot seat there’s no escaping the hard questions.

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I’ve spent the last decade training newly elected local government officials. I always start with asking why they choose to run for office. I have never heard “I want to run a murky, withdrawn, locked, suppressive, tyrannical government”.  Yet, the moment most local government elected officials take office we, the public, immediately see them as corrupt or on the take.

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Album Exploration #1

For the purposes of this article, I have chosen a big band album called Woody Herman: 1964. As with all recordings discussed on this page, this one is on vinyl and was recorded in New York City on November 20, 22, and 23, 1963. The band is typical of a big band with five saxophones, five trumpets, a clarinet (Woody Herman), three trombones, and a rhythm section featuring the expected piano, bass, and drums.

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“Healthify” Your Holidays

 ‘Tis the season for starches, sugars, calorie bombs, and other pitfalls.  ‘Healthify’ your holiday and avoid the wicked winter weight of heavy, heavy meals. Read on for meatless product suggestions and healthy Thanksgiving tips for your own holiday and lifestyle.

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Homeless on the Western Slope

Earlier this year, I set out to speak with those affected by homelessness as well as people that are trying to help. I set out on a cold day to visit with individuals flying signs. Time after time, I heard stories of how people were living normal lives until something caught them off guard. I asked people what has helped them the most, and made a resource list of those resources.

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Reduce Your Impact with Recycling and More

Recycling is a global issue. It’s all about your carbon footprint. Carbon footprint is tied to population growth, white supremacy and privilege. And plastic is the worst offender. The point isn’t to recycle more, it is to think more about your purchase first. Learn about what you can do to reduce your impact and help heal our home.

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October 2020

Leaning on Others

I have struggled for much of my life with asking for help.  What if we looked at asking for help in a different way?

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A Healthy Introduction

Hi there! My name is Leah and I am thrilled to be writing for Mind Travelers. Check out these tips to “healthify” YOUR meals and snacks!

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Think Nationally, Act Locally

What if we started to get involved right at home whether its volunteering to mentor youth, feed the hungry, or run for City Council. We make time to do all kinds of things in our lives. We can make time for our community!

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Walking Through the Doors

For a few moments of imagination, let your mind’s eye take you on a journey to a different time and place. The time is somewhere between 1925 and 1953, and the place is a rainy spring evening in Chicago, New York, London, or Paris.

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September 2020

The Feeling of Drowning

The Feeling of Drowning By Jeanette Messano “I feel like I am drowning. I have felt like that for a really long time.” Many years

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Joy and Pain Part 1

Joy and Pain By Elysa Barron I sit watching my daughter.  She is watching someone dig out the “apron” of a driveway to prep for

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In the Raw

In the Raw with Nudist-Activist Guy Purcella By Jeanette Messano WARNING: This article includes NON-sexual nude photos. The content contained in this article is for

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7 Questions in 7 Minutes: September 2020

Rob Brethouwer has worked as a probation officer in the Seventh Judicial District for 20 years. He grew up in Montrose, and returned here to work. Background research revealed a man immersed in arts and music, so I was curious to see how the two things meshed. 

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Note to Self by Sarah Wilson

Darling: Please don’t worry that you are so sad… Remember the last time you felt this low? You could barely even function because of the pain, and you nearly abandoned it all. You are so much stronger this time, so much more You.

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August 2020

July 2020

Reader Submitted Poetry

Reader Submitted Poetry Note to Self: Learning from Nature Written by Elysa Skalsky let truth come through no need to judge it it doesn’t need

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7 Questions in 7 Minutes

My first victim is Jeanette Messano, the brilliant mind that came up with the idea of Mind Travelers! Who better to grill than the boss? Jeanette lives in Montrose and has two children. She is an artist and entrepreneur. I am happy she thought of me when she came up with this project. 

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