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Seven Questions-Seven Minutes: February

In 2013, Karen helped found Community Spirit United Church of Christ, which is currently meeting online and looking forward to returning to the Ute Indian Museum when the pandemic is over. For almost 50 years now, Karen’s religious and spiritual life has been informed by a statement made by one of her early mentors, who said “The greatest act of faith is to question.”

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Seven Questions: Seven Minutes November

Today we’re talking to Lawrence Hammett.  Lawrence is probably most well known for his tattoo art, however he is an accomplished artist in other areas as well. He also volunteered to help children with their art endeavors. Like many artists, Lawrence has had his share of troubles, and once you’re in the hot seat there’s no escaping the hard questions.

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7 Questions 7 Minutes: October

Today we’re talking to author and medium Debra Anderson. Debra is also a paranormal investigator and has run the Delta Ghost Tours.

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7 Questions in 7 Minutes: September 2020

Rob Brethouwer has worked as a probation officer in the Seventh Judicial District for 20 years. He grew up in Montrose, and returned here to work. Background research revealed a man immersed in arts and music, so I was curious to see how the two things meshed. 

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7 Questions in 7 Minutes: August

Today we’re talking to Joshua Kinne. Many people remember Josh as the drummer from Fractalia. He’s a talented drummer with a charming way of engaging with those around him. I remember Josh as the officiant at a wedding I attended, where he impressed me in a way I hadn’t been impressed in a long time. Josh is a practicing Christian, and his Facebook profile includes a reference to him being a “serveur at Ridgway Christian Church”; while I understand that is no longer the case, it intrigued me. As a practicing Buddhist, formerly a Christian, I am always curious about others’ beliefs.

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7 Questions in 7 Minutes

My first victim is Jeanette Messano, the brilliant mind that came up with the idea of Mind Travelers! Who better to grill than the boss? Jeanette lives in Montrose and has two children. She is an artist and entrepreneur. I am happy she thought of me when she came up with this project.