Bibliosmia March 2021 Peggy Carey

Bibliosmia: The Only Good Indians

. . . I plunged into a story that had some very familiar elements, shape shifting entities, animals with intelligence as high has humans, and cultural loss and confusion. Only the first violent scene turned my attention to the frontispiece and notes, and I realized that the book is considered a horror book.

Bibliosmia Book Reviews Columns February 2021 Fureyous

Bibliosmia: The Lilac Girls is No Springtime Stroll

The book follows the lives of three women, which while not entirely intertwined, certainly intersect. Each woman has her own voice and chapters. There was a time that this gimmick would have gotten you a rejection from an agent or publisher, likely on a sticky note, that read “Whose story is this? Pick a main character, rewrite and resubmit.” Those days are long gone; the multiple voice narrative is very common now, fueled, partly, by movies like “Crash” and “Mulholland Drive”.

Bibliosmia Christmas December 2020 Fureyous

Bibliosmia: Two Boring Old Men, Dying on the Page

Mr. Keneally is a well-known author, with about a gajillion books in his oeuvre–but does this book live up to his reputation?
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