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Healthify Your Life!

Do you spend a lot of money on take-out? How about delivery? Fast food, including pizza, can add up fast! Try jotting down every time you buy a coffee, a gas station burrito, or fast food, or anything not from your home kitchen – for one week. You might be surprised at how much money you are spending! Now, I don’t mean to be a Debbie-downer here so I am going to give you tips to keeps your meals fast, fresh, and healthy.

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Healthify Your Holidays #2

What does the holiday season mean to you? Christmas trees, twinkling lights, eggnog, snowfall, corny music, desserts, candlelight, presents, ham/turkey/insertotheranimalhere roasts? The thing is, some of these holiday season traditions are not good for the waistline, heart health, or longevity.

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Think Nationally, Act Locally

What if we started to get involved right at home whether its volunteering to mentor youth, feed the hungry, or run for City Council. We make time to do all kinds of things in our lives. We can make time for our community!

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Zen and the Art of The Yoik

What is a yoik? For the first monthly installation of Zen and the Art, we find out!

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In the Raw

In the Raw with Nudist-Activist Guy Purcella By Jeanette Messano WARNING: This article includes NON-sexual nude photos. The content contained in this article is for educational purposes only. All persons featured in these photographs have given consent to be photographed and have their photos displayed within this article. Documents showing this consent are on file […]

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Night Shift

Check out our shop! Night Shift Night shift in a nursing facility is quiet…sort of. But not completely. Many residents are awake all night, and many more intermittently through the night. Interesting and philosophical conversations occur in the small hours while most people are asleep. A new and profound understanding of life is found when […]

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June Voice Sign

These are Sian Cross’ words and what her song Stare At Me is all about – looking deeper. In these days where we have such great knowledge and technological advancement, it is surprising how much social grace we still need to learn. It runs deeper than just the color of our skin.

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I Want to Talk to You

I Want To Talk To You Alexis and her mother, Angie, are some of the strongest, most resilient warriors you will ever meet.  They are an amazing team, putting heart and soul into everything they do. Together they have moved mountains. Alexis was born with a rare syndrome. A syndrome so rare that is named […]