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Seven Questions-Seven Minutes: February

In 2013, Karen helped found Community Spirit United Church of Christ, which is currently meeting online and looking forward to returning to the Ute Indian Museum when the pandemic is over. For almost 50 years now, Karen’s religious and spiritual life has been informed by a statement made by one of her early mentors, who said “The greatest act of faith is to question.”

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Leaning on Others

I have struggled for much of my life with asking for help.  What if we looked at asking for help in a different way?

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Joy and Pain Part 1

Joy and Pain By Elysa Barron I sit watching my daughter.  She is watching someone dig out the “apron” of a driveway to prep for concrete. Everything is new to her.  Time is not a concern.  She is inhabiting herself and fully immersed in the moment. How do we go from this beauty to all […]

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Night Shift

Check out our shop! Night Shift Night shift in a nursing facility is quiet…sort of. But not completely. Many residents are awake all night, and many more intermittently through the night. Interesting and philosophical conversations occur in the small hours while most people are asleep. A new and profound understanding of life is found when […]

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Reader Submitted Poetry

Reader Submitted Poetry Note to Self: Learning from Nature Written by Elysa Skalsky let truth come through no need to judge it it doesn’t need to be anything but what it is a tree intrinsically knows it is growing into a tree, doesn’t judge or envy a rose, it just grows if it has the […]