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Leaning on Others

I have struggled for much of my life with asking for help.  What if we looked at asking for help in a different way?

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Joy and Pain Part 1

Joy and Pain By Elysa Barron I sit watching my daughter.  She is watching someone dig out the “apron” of a driveway to prep for concrete. Everything is new to her.  Time is not a concern.  She is inhabiting herself and fully immersed in the moment. How do we go from this beauty to all […]

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Reader Submitted Poetry

Reader Submitted Poetry Note to Self: Learning from Nature Written by Elysa Skalsky let truth come through no need to judge it it doesn’t need to be anything but what it is a tree intrinsically knows it is growing into a tree, doesn’t judge or envy a rose, it just grows if it has the […]