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Homeless on the Western Slope

Earlier this year, I set out to speak with those affected by homelessness as well as people that are trying to help. I set out on a cold day to visit with individuals flying signs. Time after time, I heard stories of how people were living normal lives until something caught them off guard. I asked people what has helped them the most, and made a resource list of those resources.

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100 Year Flood

While living in St. Louis in the early 90s, I found myself in the middle of an “100-year flood.” This may be the closest I have come to living through a slow, growing disaster until this pandemic. During disasters, where do we find comfort?

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Trail Angels and the Trail of Life

Trail Angels and the Trail of Life By Deborah Westervelt Backpacking is walking towards something.  The route could be thru, in and out, or circular.  The Appalachian Trail is a thru hike that includes some of the steepest gradients in the United States. It is often called “The Long Green Tunnel” due to the density […]

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The Feeling of Drowning

The Feeling of Drowning By Jeanette Messano “I feel like I am drowning. I have felt like that for a really long time.” Many years ago, after being kicked out of my house with my young family, I was  drunk on a friend’s floor. The kind of drunk where you suddenly realize you can’t get […]

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Green Grass and Pool Water

Green Grass and Pool Water By Fureyous It was the smell of new mown grass that saved me. I can’t remember what led me to that day when I felt like ending my life. I was in graduate school in a program I hated; my erstwhile boyfriend was gone, yet again, for the summer; I […]