Advice Animation Comedy December 2020 Jeanette Messano Mouse Short Stories

Mouse in the House Animated Advice

She is back, she is sassy, and now she has a voice!

Comedy October 2020 Politics Sarah Wilson Short Stories

Politicextual Tension

A steamy moment that will leave you gasping for more…

Debra Anderson Halloween Holidays October 2020 Short Stories

Christian’s Room

Paranormal investigator Debra Anderson speaks of her experience with a figure in the dark in a haunted room in Delta.

Advice Deborah Westervelt October 2020 Overcoming Short Stories Survivors

100 Year Flood

While living in St. Louis in the early 90s, I found myself in the middle of an “100-year flood.” This may be the closest I have come to living through a slow, growing disaster until this pandemic. During disasters, where do we find comfort?