Do you write? Are you an artist? Do you want to contribute to Mind Travelers? We want to talk to you!

If you would like to contribute, plese read through this entire page before contacting us.
What is it?
A lifestyle magazine that focuses on positive stories, overcoming adversity, mindfulness, alternative spirituality and positive events.

We are focused on positivity and problem solving. The goal is to unify with love in a world divided by hate.

What it is not:
  • Hard news source.
  • We don’t cover events that aren’t covered by every writer and their dog, unless it is from a unique perspective: For example, we wouldn’t cover a local festival. But we might interview the founder to understand more of her experience building and facilitating the event.
  • Divisive-we want to be bringers of peace and understanding. While many of us are fairly left leaning we don’t want to bring more hatred in the world. No name calling, abuse, pot stirring, or commentary that is violent in nature-even in comments on our stories. We live in a very volatile time and people are very sensitive right now. It is our goal to help people find inner peace and some understanding of our neighbors. Anything that becomes accusatory, hate speech, or volatile in any way will be removed and you will only get one warning. Anyone that has been warned and continues this behavior will be removed from our contributor pool.
  • 30-60 years of age
  • Artists/musicians/performers
  • Lovers of art/music etc
  • Professionals
  • People of progressive mindset and/or people that are open-minded to outside opinions and cultures
Editorial Philosophy:
What is the main focus?
  • Art and positivity-centered stories and columns
What should it accomplish?
  • Spreading positivity
  • Celebrating recovery
  • Celebrating our connectivity
  • Helping local communities
  • Teaching mindfulness, meditation etc.
  • Exploring different cultures and religions at the source (i.e. interviews with and articles written by people actually LIVING this way)
PLEASE NOTE: All articles using outside sources must include a section citing those sources and crediting all quotes. Any writer that does not properly cite and give credit will have their articles removed until properly cited.
Currently all contributors are asked to contribute pro-bono until we are completely set up and able to start paying off debts. This project, started by Jeanette Messano, was paid for out of pocket with no financial assistance. However, as soon as we can show that we are a worthy source of information we should be able to start selling ads and some compensation will be available. Our hope is that this can be achieved within a couple months. If you are not able to contribute without payment, that is alright. Check back in a couple months. I promise, your time and talents are very important to us (That being said, if you are a member of the Rocky Mountain Time Bank, I could pay in hours)! Without you we could not exist. You are greatly appreciated.
Important Dates:
Articles due the 3rd friday of the month
Release First wednesday of the month.
To submit materials:
To submit an article, please email us at