Elysa Barron

Writer, Artist

Elysa Barron is a mother of two among other things.  It isn’t so much about what she “does” as how she hopes to relate to the world.  She is learning to trust her connection to deeper self (the universe, God, the cosmos – insert what fits for you), face demons, lean on others, and love herself and the world (more in the way of the monk and ubuntu kind , less in the way of polyamorous) in a gentle and true way.  She has a belief we are all connected and meant to be connected – like the fisherman that is allergic to fish in Archipelago of Hope by Gleb Raygorodetsky – in ways that don’t necessarily make linear or logical sense.  She loves nature.  She believes we are here to be keepers of the earth and it is meant to be a complimentary relationship. She tries her best to be present, though “monkey mind” takes her elsewhere too.  At moments, moments are beautiful, among many other things.  Moments come, moments go, and some moments hit deep – all going into a story that we are creating.