Business February 2021 Jeanette Messano

Growing Your Business with Branding, Part 1

Self-employment is not for the faint of heart.
This month, I am introducing my new business column. It is my goal to speak to all my friends that are self-employed and bring some of my knowledge to you. We will discuss marketing, brand personality, websites and even (one of my least favorite things) social media marketing (bleh). We will have interviews with local businesspeople and learn what tools they have used to help them succeed. Most of all, I hope to help you grow and succeed!

Advice Health January 2021 Jeanette Messano

6 Ways to Avoid Burnout

At the begining of 2020 my graphic design business was really taking off. But In March all that changed when the COVID Crisis caused the world spiraling out of control. Yet, even during lockdown, I was experiencing physical and mental burnout. How did I learn to refocus and start my journey towards healing? Read more to find out!

Advice Animation Comedy December 2020 Jeanette Messano Mouse Short Stories

Mouse in the House Animated Advice

She is back, she is sassy, and now she has a voice!

Contest Winner Contests December 2020 Jeanette Messano

Snow Monsters

Last month we called for our readers to submit a short and fun holiday story to be animated in this month’s issue of Mind Travelers. Our winner was Valerie Brand who submitted this sweet story about a little boy who let his imagination get away from him. Thank you to all who sent in a story. Keep reading Mind Travelers for your next chance to win at Do you have a story you would like to see on our blog? Write us today at

Acceptance Community Resources Jeanette Messano November 2020 Overcoming

Homeless on the Western Slope

Earlier this year, I set out to speak with those affected by homelessness as well as people that are trying to help. I set out on a cold day to visit with individuals flying signs. Time after time, I heard stories of how people were living normal lives until something caught them off guard. I asked people what has helped them the most, and made a resource list of those resources.

Colorado Hippie Mamma Interviews Jeanette Messano November 2020

Reduce Your Impact with Recycling and More

Recycling is a global issue. It’s all about your carbon footprint. Carbon footprint is tied to population growth, white supremacy and privilege. And plastic is the worst offender. The point isn’t to recycle more, it is to think more about your purchase first. Learn about what you can do to reduce your impact and help heal our home.

Columns Cultures Interviews Jeanette Messano October 2020 Zen and the Art

Zen and the Art of The Yoik

What is a yoik? For the first monthly installation of Zen and the Art, we find out!

Art Jeanette Messano October 2020 Writing

50,000 Words

Every year, thousands of writers in the US join the challenge of the National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWrimo, a creative writing project. The challenge of NaNoWrimo is to write a 50,000 word novel in the month of November.

Archive Jeanette Messano September 2020 Suicide Survival Survivors

The Feeling of Drowning

The Feeling of Drowning By Jeanette Messano “I feel like I am drowning. I have felt like that for a really long time.” Many years ago, after being kicked out of my house with my young family, I was  drunk on a friend’s floor. The kind of drunk where you suddenly realize you can’t get […]

Acceptance Archive Interviews Jeanette Messano Naturalist September 2020

In the Raw

In the Raw with Nudist-Activist Guy Purcella By Jeanette Messano WARNING: This article includes NON-sexual nude photos. The content contained in this article is for educational purposes only. All persons featured in these photographs have given consent to be photographed and have their photos displayed within this article. Documents showing this consent are on file […]